The Dream of Icarus was to make a Cloud - 2009

The Discreet Charm Of Utopia

Werner Herzog pompously called it the ‘Conquest of the Useless’, to witness how so much effort being directed to the attainment of one’s aims has its counterpart in their substantial vacuity. The video shows
how delicate, subtle and impalpable a utopia can be. And also how much, despite what one might think, it can demand in terms of commitment, dedication, will, courage. An action – the creation of a small cloud, something that happens millions of times on earth – is almost impossible without sophisticated aeronautical equipment. However, Zeneli considers it fundamental to try, to share with the spectator a dream similar to that of Icarus.
Boarded on a paraglider, the artist creates a cirrus cloud that lastsa few seconds before dissolving with the mountain wind. At that point, the paraglider is already off-camera and no traces remain of the artist and the utopia he wished to give us.

Daniele Capra

The dream of Icarus was to make a cloud 
video, 2009, 4’05”, color, sound.